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Stay safe, Wash your hands and explore. Our bathroom ideas for those thinking about a new bathroom.

With the current situation in the UK it is more important then ever to think about your health. As more and more of you are spending time at home, the kitchen and bathroom have become the centre of attention. One of the ways we have found to keep ourselves busy white we are not working is planning for our next projects.

With a few kitchens and bathrooms already booked in to be remodelled as soon as we get back to normal, we have been hard at work trying to provide ideas to our customers for their future projects.

Recently we have been looking at Bathrooms.

Is your bathroom ready for you and your loved one's?

Does it feel fresh, new and welcoming?

If your bathroom is next on the list of rooms to be done in your property we have some ideas for you to look at so you can choose your bathroom project and make it feel a place to fall in love with and relax, away from the world and the chaos.

Do you have a Bathroom room or Shower Room? or would you keep a combination of both either through a bath shower or a separate bath and separate shower for you lucky enough to have the space in your bathrooms.

If you are going for a Bath shower, we prefer installing B Shape baths. They offer more room at the head of the bath and make a more enjoyable experience while taking a well deserved shower.

Have you through about the taps coming out of the wall instead of the bath? From experience and customer feedback, not only do they look great by they are also out of the way for 2 reason.

1. Easier maintenance - both the plumbing, maintenance of the taps and silicone around the bath in the coming years. It is all well and good creating a beautiful bathroom but its another having to maintain it. You don't want to destroy all that beautiful work by opening bath panels usually tiled, all because you have to change the tap. Out of the wall taps are easier to replace with little to no damage to the tiles.

2. Cleaning - If there is no taps on top of the bath you can clean the bath all the way round and no more struggling trying to scrub the limescale off from behind the taps.

Depending on your style the above bath taps would suit your bathroom, or would you prefer something else? Let us know.

If you are lucky to have the space for a bath and a shower, then your options are greater.

The first thing to choose is, do you want modern, traditional or a combination of both?

From here you can choose the rest of the bathroom furniture, W/C, Sink, Shower, Taps & Tiles.

Shower Enclosures.

The most popular enclosures are Square, Quadrant and Shower door 3 Walls tiled.

We prefer the frame less enclosure, as well as visual we also think about practicality, maintenance and cleaning and these frames less enclosure tick all the boxes for us. Also we prefer one hinged door, we believe these are more practical by offering bigger entrances and easier to maintain in the future, less moving parts less things to go wrong.

We could keep writing for days about different bathroom furniture but we would also like to hear from you.

What would you put in your bathroom? Send us a message. We would love your feedback.

Photos taken from Why not visit their website and others to get your own ideas.

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